An oldie but a goodie…

Happy Sunday morning…so I thought I’d drop in and do a quick book review.  Yesterday I finished listening to ‘Compliacted’ by Kristen Ashley.  As we all know she is my QUEEN so you may be surprised to find that this review is NOT about that book (reason’s being it was an AUDIBLE exclusive with the print copy not being released until November).  I talked to my bestie and lamented that now I was suffering from a book hangover and didn’t know what to do!  She asked me what my top 3 were (book choices obviously) and I snarked back re-reading KA (cause sometimes with a hangover it’s better just to jump right back in…a little ‘hair of the dog that bit you’), continuing with the ‘Bagram Ops’ Series by Kaylea Cross (and let me say that is a DAMN FINE series) or just closing my eyes, scrolling through my book list and pointing (there should be a random book generator option on an e-reader for when you have too many choices).   She told me to point and choose.  Then a light bulb went off and she asked me if I had finished reading ‘Wallbanger’ by Alice Clayton (we had started reading it out loud a few weeks ago…don’t ask).  I said nope…guess ‘Wallbanger’ it is.

I’m ashamed to say that this was my first read of an Alice Clayton book (although it won’t be my last).  ‘Wallbanger’ was released in November 2012 and my first thought is ‘how the hell did I miss this one??‘  A funny, madcap, smexy romantic contemporary that had me reading straight through. Fast pacing and a smooth flowing storyline that kept me in stitches as Wallbanger and Nightie Girl begin the battle of the headboard. Filled with plenty of humor, sarcasm, engaging dialogue, and well developed characters-I didn’t stop laughing till the end.

The chemistry between Caroline and Simon is HOT! Steamy, panty dropping, hot. I really liked that we not only see the physical aspects of their relationship but we also get a wonderful ring side seat to the romance blooming between them. Ms. Clayton takes it slow, allowing them to firmly become friends while amplifying the sexual tension to max levels. I love how Ms. Clayton gives us insight into Simon’s thoughts and feelings towards Caroline even though this is from her point of view. Both of them have legitimate concerns about a future together. Neither of them want to lose the friendship they have built yet the attraction between them is becoming impossible to ignore.

The secondary cast of characters are also a delight that will leave you giggling as they try to facilitate a romance between Caroline and Simon. Caroline has two bffs, Mina and Sophie, who have her back in any situation even though they are busy trying to romance a couple boys of their own.

Caroline’s cat, Clive, is the one who steals the whole show though. His antics (attacking Simon’s arse when he was “hurting” mommy) and his frantic love for “the one that got away” had me in tears.  Simon’s harem get in on the act too. My favorite is Purina lady. You’ll have to read to understand, but seriously, it’s priceless.

The ending is funny and heartfelt as we watch Caroline and Simon finally open up to one another and address some of the issues that were holding them both back. We get a small epilogue that assures us that Caroline and Simon have a solid chance at making it and gives us a look at “feeder’s and tall one’s” relationship from Clive’s point of view.

Alice Clayton continues to be a welcome addition to the genre of romantic contemporaries. I wholeheartedly recommend her to everyone who enjoys their couples sexy, funny, romantic, and made of pure unadulterated fun.



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