Kaylea Cross – Author

It’s been a while since we’ve blogged and tomorrow is my birthday so I decided to spread a little bit of the goodness.  I’ve recently discovered Kaylea Cross and all of her awesomeness. Kaylea writes edge-of-your-seat military romantic suspense.  I came across her as she wrote a novella on ANOTHER series that I’ve read by Liliana Hart (MacKenzie Series).  We’ll talk about that series another time.  I can’t begin to describe the love and goodness I feel for Kaylea’s books.

‘Ignited’, the first book in her most popular Titanium series follows the story of Khalia Patterson whose father is murdered by Taliban in Pakistan. Khalia is now in-charge of the non-profit dedicated to the education of women in Pakistan and moves there. She finds herself amid tensions and politics of the troubled country. She is protected by Hunter, a member of the Titanium security team and they develop a relationship. The story follows the mystery of her father’s murder and the emotions in her relationship with Hunter. ‘Signed’, the second book in her Titanium series follows the story of Claire Tierney who happens to find some classified information at work and gets employed by the government for a dangerous mission. She finds herself being the target of Taliban which is trying to assassinate her. Undeterred by the threat, she is focused on her mission. Protecting her is Master Seargent Gage Wallace with whom she develops a complicated relationship.

‘Out of Her League’, her first and most popular book in the Suspense series follows the story of Christa Bailey, an athlete who is hopeful of joining the Olympic softball team representing her country. She finds herself being stalked by a psychopathic fan who is obsessed with her. She is forced to turn to Rayne Hutchinson for help who is determined to protect her. You will find that all of Kaylea’s books are women-centric. Every book follows the story of a strong-willed female protagonist who is dying to achieve a mission come what may. She develops a complicated relationship with a guy-in-uniform who is hell-bent on protecting her from her threat.

I’ve discovered that Kaylea’s books are truly well done with characterization and deep conversation between the characters. The hard work that she puts behind developing the characters is evident for the readers of her books.  So if you are looking for a new read, something that will grip you from the beginning, hold you through and wring your emotional towel, I highly suggest you give her a try!


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