Rock Chick Rendezvous Denver 2016 Recap

Hey bookies!!!

We are still riding high this week after having such a fantastic weekend with Kristen Ashley and our fellow Rock Chicks & Gurus. I wanted to share a little about all the fun we had.

If you have read any of Kristen’s (especially the Rock Chick, Dream Man & Chaos series) books you know that Denver is where they are based. So we had a blast eating and gabbing at all the hangouts you get to read about in her amazing books.

First stop was The Hornet, this is down the street from the fictional “Fortnum’s Used Bookstore”& it was Indy’s bar of choice. We even got to have a gab-session with Kristen herself over a drink or two.











Then, after all the fun and drinks at the Hornet(virgin drinks for me unfortunately) we had a short drive home to Pueblo to rest up and get ready for a fun filled Friday of Rock Chick activities. First up was Lunch at Beau Jo’s, Indy and Lee have been going to Beau Jo’s with their families all their lives. Remember when Lee handed Indy the honey without her even having to ask?? That was such a “swoon moment” for me. The pizza was really good, but our favorite part was for sure the cinnamon bread. DELISH!


After the amazing feast that we had at Beau Jo’s we then got to go hang with Kristen at Knightrider Jewelry at the famous Cherry Creek Mall. Btw, this mall was amazing!! However, even more amazing was the jewelry at Knightrider!! All I could do while looking at this gorgeous sterling silver was thinking how good it would look on Tack, Shy & Joker. 😉


After drooling at all of that jewelry, and really hot pictures of bikers on the walls we decided to go cool off from Denver’s sizzling hot June temperatures at the one and only Liks Ice Cream Parlor. You know the same one the Ally & Indy love to go to!!  This place was so much fun, they even make their own waffle cones!! I had the millionaire & butter pecan, and OH MY GOD!!


So needless to say after the afternoon of stuffing our faces, we needed to go back to our amazing hotel room.  We got to stay at the fabulous Hotel Monaco, you know the one that Luke takes Ava to after she feels unsafe in his loft? This hotel you guys, is AH-MAZING!! The lobby alone is like you walked into a fairy-tale. I highly recommend checking this place out if you are ever in Denver, you won’t be disappointed.

After putting our feet up and taking a disco nap, we joined our fellow Rock Chicks at Lincoln’s Road House to eat dinner and have drinks with Kristen and her amazing sister Erika. Lincoln’s Road House is where Lee and the Hot Bunch boys spend their time when they aren’t out crackin’ heads.  I of course had to try the famous meatloaf cheeseburger, only because I am slightly obsessed with Tack.. (Crazy, I know) We had so much fun listening to amazing music, eating delicious food, and having awesome girl talk! I can’t wait to go back and try the pot roast burrito.



Saturday we all woke up and had breakfast at Panzano’s located downstairs at the Hotel Monaco.  Some of the girls had mimosas (I was totally jealous) while the rest of us had oj. They have a breakfast pizza that is TO-DIE-FOR!! After gabbing and laughing all morning long, we went to The Mutiny Cafe, The real life location for the fictional Fortnum’s Book Store for Kristen official book signing. This place was so much fun, it was just like how we all pictured it from the books. The only thing missing was Tex behind the espresso machine banging around the porta filter while arguing with Duke. It was a little too hot for a hot beverage, so I opted for their delicious cherry Italian soda.

The best part of this outing was getting to listen to Kristen tell us all about her future plans and adventures in writing.  I.CAN.NOT.WAIT for the books that she is working on to come out for the world to read. Then, she was gracious enough to sign ALL our books and take pictures with her Rock Chicks. Caryn and I went a little overboard and brought every KA book we own to have her sign. I seriously love that lady.

So after another long, hot afternoon, we hit the 16th street mall and had dinner at the Cheese Cake Factory.  The food was as always amazing, but the company was even better. Then, we all hightailed our butts back to our room to get ready for a night full of dancing and fun at the Paris Ballroom at The Hotel Monaco. This night was so much fun, Kristen and all the ladies had some killer moves!! The dance floor was never empty. However, being the pregnant girl that I am, my favorite thing was the dessert bar. With the cash bar, amazing music, decked out Rock Chicks, and the photo-booth the night was over way too soon. We could not have asked for a better weekend full of fun, books, new friends and great memories. We met so many amazing ladies, and got to catch up with all our friends from the year before.


See you all next year Rock Chicks, it was truly a weekend to remember. We can’t wait to start planning for next year!!






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