Driven Series by K.Bromberg

Be prepared..  This is a LONG review because it covers ALL THE BOOKS in the series but in the end I hope you like what I wrote!

Recently I have been in a somewhat of a Bromberg journey.  That being said…I’ll admit…I’m a instant gratification kinda gal.  So I tend to stick with books that are stand alone.  That give me the wind up, the pitch and the hit all together.  So I was kinda surprised while reading Driven to find out that the story arced over 3 books.  WHAT??  3 books??  Wasn’t it bad enough I wouldn’t get a conclusion to my story instantly but that I was going to have to complete ALL 3 to do so?  But in reading Driven I will admit that the complexity of Colton and Rylee’s story could NOT be handled with just one book.  No to really understand the characters, backstory and plot unless it was going to be a tome the size of the Iliad or the Odessey, the story needed to be broken up.

When we meet Colton for the first time, we gotta admit..SMOKIN’ HOT ALPHA MALE with THE cheesiest lines EVAH! So I guess I shouldn’t be surprised when Rylee comes stumbling out of a closet and immediately swoons over him.  Not the GREATEST beginning to a book I’ve read.  But I stick with it because it has to get better from here, right??

The story followed Colton and Rylee. Rylee was a strong woman who had control over life and who dedicated her time towards working for a wonderful cause helping children in need. Colton was a reckless bad boy — a famous race car driver known for his skills both on the track and in the bedroom. They were polar opposites in so many ways and what she needed was something he couldn’t give.

“Let’s face it, you’re not a spend the night kind of guy, and I’m not a one-night stand kind of girl.” 

And yet, they kept being drawn back to each other… 🙂

I loved Rylee right from the start. She was a feisty, unintimidated and kind hearted. My first impression of Colton though was more of an arrogant, cocky manwhore… in Rylee’s words, an “egotistical asshole”. But I liked him! There was just something about him that hinted that there was much more to him than met the eye. Plus, he was just hot as hell!!  As Rylee soon found out, there was a lot more to him. Behind the bad boy that the world saw was deep rooted pain from a very dark past that he didn’t want to talk about. I really felt drawn to his character. What can I say, I’m a total sucker for the tortured bad boys. They get to me every time.

“The man is captivating in every way and the epitome of sexy. From that boyish grin that disarms me in seconds to his sexy swagger… He exudes virility, evokes desire, and commends attention… He’s edgy and reckless and you want to go along for the ride hoping to get a glimpse of his tender side that breaks through every now and again. The bad boy with a touch of vulnerability who leaves you breathless and steals your heart.”

Colton was dominant and possessive. He knew what he wanted and was determined to get it no matter what. But he kept his heart locked away. He was used to purely physical relationships with women, and was simply not ready to commit to anything more.

What I loved was that Rylee brought out a new side of him he’d never allowed to show through before — she meant more to him than anyone had before and that scared him. I loved the two sides of him — on one hand he was cocky and arrogant, but he also had a deeply caring side. It was the side of him he hid from the world that drew me to him. I could feel how much he wanted “more” and it broke my heart that he didn’t think he could ever have it.

“I know all about baggage, sweetheart. I have enough of it to fill up a 747 and then some…  My shit can’t be fixed. I’ve been broken for way too long for that miracle to happen.”

And I just want to share this line here because this was the moment that fully sold me on the series…

“I’m seeing the true Colton Donavan – the unmasked version with a vulnerability that makes me want to reach over and take the hurt that often flickers through those green eyes and make it better. To show him that love and commitment are possible without complications. That it is real and pure and much more powerful than ever imagined with it is built and shared between two people.”

Another part of the story I loved was that, as I mentioned, Rylee worked for an organization whose goal was to help orphaned children and she did these shifts at The House which was where many of them lived. On it’s own, this part of the story was deeply emotional but guys, seeing Colton with these kids was just… WOW. My heart melted — it was just so beautiful and moving!!!

I’m not going to lie though — this book was a bit of a rough start for me for several reasons. But everyone kept telling me to hang in there because it got better and they were right!! It did get better and I’m so glad I stuck with it because now I’m hooked on this series!!

Fueled starts up as Driven finishes and in this installment they are blanketing themselves in each other, and entwining who they are within each other. It is a ROLLERCOASTER OF EMOTIONS. I couldn’t breathe, I loved them, hated them, loved Ace, hated him, was pissed at Rylee, then felt for her. But in the end I just loved them both just be prepared for the emotions in this one, it takes root in your heart but in a very good way that’s all I’m saying.

I love how they balance each other and this story is as much about Rylee as it is about Colton Fucking Donovan. Yet he needs care and unconditional love. I just want-ed to hug him and make it all better, as here we have a boy as much as a MAN, an undercurrent plot that continued to pull at my heart in EVERY WAY.

I’d say ultimately Ace’s vulnerability shines through on this one and you see into his heart and the depth of his soul; that as a reader you want to just grab hold of the pages and feel it ALL right along with him, and hold Rylee’s hand to keep strong and keep going.


 photo B9760A4A-8496-47F1-AE82-BAB791019010_zpsvtbojgmx.jpg


Throughout the all three books, K. Bromberg takes us on a wild emotional ride and Crashed, the final in the Driven Trilogy doesn’t disappoint.  It’s a story that makes you believe in the resilience and healing power of love. Colton and Rylee’s journey is sexy, romantic, heart breaking and uplifting.  I don’t want to say much about the plot at all because this is the final book in the series and, as a direct continuation of the story, it should not be read on it’s own… and if you have read the other books, then I don’t want to give anything away so I’ll just tell you..this series is a MUST READ.

I am ecstatic to say that the story doesn’t end there.  Well it does and it doesn’t. Through the first 3 books there are some amazing friends and loved ones that you meet and Kristie doesn’t disappoint.  She continues the awesomeness of these books with Becks and Haddie’s story in Slow Burn:

Haddie and Beckett met for the force of circumstances: their best-friends fell in love. And then, in their wedding, as the best-man and maid of honor they hook up for the first time.
The rules were simple: No strings. Just sex.
But while Beckett makes pretty clear from the beginning that he wants more, Haddie has her own reasons for refusing getting serious with him.
She pushes. He pulls. But there will come a time when pulling gets tiresome, and it will fall on Haddie to decide: Are they or aren’t they?

When I started reading this book I figure it was going to be sexy (it was) and with a certain amount of frustration, just like K. Bromberg likes to torture us. (It had).
What I didn’t expect was for this to be a tearjerker. I know, after Colton and Rylee’s story it shouldn’t be a surprise, but it was.
This was a very well written book, with a strong an emotional story line, and despite the slow beginning it had a great story development. If you’re a fan of this series, you shouldn’t miss this book. And if you aren’t, you should give this one a try anyway.

Sweet Ache, book 5 in the Driven Series, is a raw, riveting, and racy roller coaster of a rock star romance that will swallow your heart and soul. Like the rest of the Driven series, Sweet Ache is a soul-crushing masterpiece where you experience nearly every emotion while taking this ride into book bliss: happiness, frustration, anger, laughter, and sadness. The oh-so-descriptive writing in Sweet Ache is addictive. You’ll suck up every powerful and priceless word like a vacuum. Call it the voodoo vortex of the Driven books.

This story and series are not just books but emotional and enlightening experiences that make you feel. Feel for the characters as if they are sitting with you telling the story. Feel every emotion that they experience. I love how in each of this author’s books that the females have lady balls as big as those of their men–powerful women who are strong, survivors who are empowering, and real ladies who are also role models. The way the characters, Quinlan Westin and Hawkin Play, are brought to life is a rare treasure and pure pleasure.

Hard Beat,  is deeper and darker than the other Driven novels, this book shakes, breaks, and steals your heart. Like its title, a hard beat is what your heart is pumping and feeling—full of adrenaline, adoration, and amazement—while being held captive by this enthralling and emotional story. Hard Beat sends you wading into an ocean of feels, trying to reel in your emotions this story steals from you on this riveting reading adventure.

K. Bromberg shook up the series with Hard Beat, a book that is so different from the other Driven books. Brought to life with a picture painted so vividly, you feel like a creeper watching the characters, as they are charismatic and compelling with a chemistry that is electric.

So there you have it..I know it was kinda long and hopefully you stuck with me through it all.  Basically, even though book 1 doesn’t give you the best reason to go on with this series….STICK WITH IT.  You will not regret investing yourself in these books!


P.S.  K. Bromberg is coming out with ANOTHER book in this series!!  Down Shift, book # 8 is scheduled to be released on October 11, 2016!!


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