Tuesday morning thoughts…

So…how many of you are “visual” readers?  When you are reading a book do you imagine yourself as part of the book or feel like one of the characters or do you just read for reading?  Don’t get me wrong..when I read I read for enjoyment and relaxation (as I’m sure most of us do) but a friend posted yesterday that she was re-reading a book (Rock Chick by Kristen Ashley) and she posted a picture of how she envisions the main character.  He was HOT!  LOL.  Smokin’ HOT but to me he looked nothing how I imagined the main character looking!

An author (again Kristen Ashley) was posting pictures that her fans had put up on Pinterest of how her characters looked to them, but she mentioned at the start of her post these were how WE saw the characters.  She has a set picture of how her characters look in HER mind.

So it got me thinking…every book to every person is not the same.  Even though we all read the same words, everyone’s “vision” of what is happening in the book is different.  If a song is mentioned..which version are you hearing?  If there is a recipe or food dish..are you thinking how YOU would make it or how someone in your family made it?  Books in whole are uniquely the same yet uniquely different.  When you think about it..aren’t people like that too?

A book you finish reading is not the same book it was before you read it.David Mitchell


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