Review of Walk Through Fire by Kristen Ashley



It’s KRISTEN ASHLEY. Let me start just by saying that. If you have ever read ANY of her books, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Kristen Ashley is one of those incredibly talented authors who has my complete and utter trust. I don’t need to read the synopsis or blurbs for her books, I don’t need to see reviews or ratings… Quite simply, if she wrote it, I’ll read it. She sucks you in … makes you ride an emotional roller coaster and then leaves you wanting more. Anything that KA writes ROCKS. MY. WORLD. So naturally she knocks it out of the park with “Walk Through Fire”.


Logan “High” Judd is a bad boy. He’s had run-ins with the law. He’s had his share of heartache (a loveless marriage) and his one true love BROKE him. He’s the epitome of a CHAOS alpha male; bossy, stoic and let’s face it..his voice…whoo wee! Millie Cross is a true KA female. She’s got grit, she got motivation and she’s got hurt. Lots and lots of hurt. Together they are going to twist you into knots. The book starts off with Millie seeing “High” after breaking up with him years before. He’s still the same..tall, dark hair, a face with a story to tell. Millie had pushed Logan out of her life but she never truly moved on. She comes to the determination that enough is enough. What she did for Logan, he needs to know so she can move forward. Unfortunately their encounters aren’t all rainbows and flowers. “High’s” Chaos family rallies behind him to shield him from any more hurt Millie can inflict. In that process they end up hurting Millie more and she shatters.


Every character you’ve come to love in the Chaos series will push your limit. You start a climb up this emotional roller coaster wondering how these people you’ve come to ADORE can treat someone like this. Yes she gives you back story to the how’s and the why’s but truly by mid book you are wanting to smack most of the Chaos family for their ignorance. But low and behold we should never doubt KA. She may have just put you through the emotional wringer but there is REASON. There is CLOSURE. There is HEALING. High and Millie finally are brought back together and Chaos surrounds them in the blanket of family and understanding.


This story had a bit of everything. There were moments that warmed my heart right down to my toes, moments that had me fanning myself and moments that socked me in the gut so hard it took me breath away.

I really felt like the message that came through to me from this book was that the shit life sometimes puts you through can cut deep, right into your soul. But sometimes, if you push through it, you can find beauty you’d never have otherwise found.






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