Review of Repentance the story of Kace Haywood by Meghan Quinn

Kace “Haze” Haywood has a very promising boxing career ahead of him till he gets a new trainer and it is all taken away from him in the blink of an eye.
He has a dark secret that haunts him everyday due to one awful night. In that drunken night his life goes from bad to worse! After his best friend Jett Colby cleans up his mess for him, Kace goes to work for Jett since boxing is no longer how he pays his bills. In his new job he meets many people, and he discovers he is really enjoying what he does. Jett never expected to meet and totally fall someone like Layla, the perfect girl in every way…and totally unattainable to him.  You see, Kace lives everyday barely living just to punish himself for one bad mistake that ends up consuming his entire world. Kace seems to only be living because dying is the easiest way out!
Layla proceeds to turn Kace’s life upside down in a very good way and he has no idea how to handle her or the blessings in disguise that come his way!!
To tell you any more of this amazing story would not only cheat you out of this beautiful story but also take away from Kace’s journey. This will be a story you will never forget. Life gives us all blows and tries to knock us down, its how we pick ourselves back up that matters.

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