Love Always by Candace Knoebal and Sonja Loveday 

LOVE. Let me start out by saying I am new to reviewing and to blogging. Mainly because I read at the pace of a snail. But I even finished this book fast. I HAD TO! Poor, well rich, poor Phillip. Trust fund baby with the over bearing mother and the even worse forced upon girlfriend Sophia. This is the last summer before he leaves the control of his family for College. Philip thinks he will finally obtain his freedom. Insert Maggie. She brings new meaning to free spirit, go where the wind takes you hippy chick. They spend the summer at the resort where Maggie works and Philip is forced to stay. Maggie tries to help him discover who he is, actually is, not who he is told to be. They both set out on their own lives and paths after the summer ends. With the promise to be soul friends and pen pals…. We follow them both on their journey to self discovery. Heartache, happiness, deceit, bonds and tales of friendships and love. We get to join along on their pen pal journey. I absolutely loved this book.
Tiffany Davis Dawson 

 Pre-order here!!!


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