Burned (Ignite Trilogy, #1) by Tara Sivec


Holy Smokes!! This book left me breathless!!
This book was sooo good!! Tara has a way with words that just captures my attention and doesn’t let go.

The book was great! It was sweet, sexy and HOT!!

The story is about Collin and Finnley. They were high school sweethearts who broke up and never stop thinking about each other.
Seventeen years pass, and Finnley finds herself in a loveless marriage that she is desperate to get out of. She did everything in her powers the last few years to get her marriage to Jordan back on track, but he refuses to change and she has no choice but to file for divorce.

Once the divorce is final she and her best friend Phina go out to celebrate at their favorite bar that they both loved in their college days. They had no idea that the old bar wasn’t the only thing from Finnleys past that they would see that night.

When Finnley sees Collin again, all the old feelings she had are still the same. He was still the sweet and handsome guy she remembered from high school. But now he’s a grown man, who knows a lot more about what being a man really means. The night was great and her and Collin both wanted more than friendship. With their past and present emotions on the table, the relationship ignites. Their love story is not ordinary to say the least.

The story is fun and exhausting. I won’t say more, because you need to read it to find out for yourself. But things will happen that you never see coming and the end is not what I expected.
Collin the hot firefighter will leave you breathless and wanting more. I can’t get enough of Tara Sivec’s writing style. Amazingly hot story of love and trust.


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