Ride Steady by Kristen Ashley



I have no idea how Kristen Ashley does it. Every book she releases gets better! I absolutely loved this book! I love all of her books, but this one is now my new favorite.

The story starts off telling us the back story of Carson “Joker” Stelle. Joker had to grow up in an abusive household with a drunk for a father. He witnessed things that no child should ever have to endure. Thankfully for Joker he had a few people who were looking out for him. He was a good student who was as quiet and he was smart. He always had his heart set on one girl Carrisa Teodoro, she was the head cheerleader and in Carson’s mind, she was always out of his league. He stayed in his father’s house as long as he could before he took off and never looked back.

Years passed and Joker found himself in a new family, The Chaos Family. He was now part of the Motorcycle Club made famous for their amazing custom car/bike shop. When we wasn’t building cars and bikes he was fighting in underground fight circuits trying to escape the past he desperately wanted to forget. This new family was the kind of family that Joker always dreamed of being a part of. Then one afternoon changed everything for Joker, he saw a pretty girl with a baby on her hip on the side of the interstate with a flat tire. When Joker pulled off to help the girl, he couldn’t believe his eyes when the one and only Carissa Teodoro was standing before him. Then the fun begins….

Joker and Carissa’s story is one that will leave your breathless. Joker is a broken man who is trying to grab on to his past while making a future with the one girl who always held a place in his heart. In true Kristen Ashley form, Joker is a true alpha male. He is tough, rough, sexy, bossy, oh and he has a beard. Totally my kind of man.

Carissa is the sweet girl next door who would totally be your best friend in real life. She has changed so much since high school. Joker can’t believe his eyes when he see she’s not wearing a ring on her left ring finger. But her ex has not been very good to her so far. So Joker of course steps up and becomes the man who Carissa has always dreamed he would be. Carissa always has a crush on Joker when they were in High School but she was too sweet to do anything about it. Good thing for her, fate had a way of stepping in and changing things up.

With this being a biker series about The Chaos Motorcycle Club, you will find there is a lot of drinking, cussing, and maybe a few laws being broken, and that’s why I love it all so much. One of the best things was how some previous characters are in this book. From Hawk, Lee and boys, Elvira, Gwen, Tyra, Tabby & Tess. You know when you get the gang together, it will be loads of fun.

So hold on to your hats and let Joker take you on a ride you will never forget…



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