Possessed By You by J.M. Walker


This amazingly hot story is about Brett and Evvie.
I was so into this book, I finished it in 6 hours, I couldn’t put it down. I really enjoyed the writing style and how fast paced the story was. The author wasted no time getting to Brett and Evvies story, there was not much of a buildup to their story. I loved it!!
Evvie finds herself in starting a new job at the bar where her best friend works. Once she meets her new boss Brett, she is less than impressed. She actually can stand the guy.
After some time watching Evvie behind the bar, Brett has to make his move. He has been watching Evvie from a distance and can’t seem to stop. He will stop at nothing for one night .alone with Evvie. Brett is one of those alpha males, you know aggressive and all things have to go his way. These were time I liked this about Brett and there where time that I bugged the hell out of me. Once he convinces Evvie to go on a date with him, everything intensifies. Their relationship is not a normal one. They both push the other, and test the others patience. It’s a fun ride to watch.
When families (especially Evvies big brothers) jobs & ex’s get in the way things take a turn for the worse. The young couple has to make tough choices and decide what is best for each of them. both Brett and Evvies have insecurities when it come to the other. Trusting is not something that this couple is very good at.
This is not a typical romance story. There will be times that both Evvie and Brett will make you cringe. Their pasts make them both bad in the relationship game. They are a fun train wreck to watch, and you can’t help but want them to find happiness together in the end. This book was right up my alley, my kind of book and my kind of leading alpha male.



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