Sweetness by S. Gonzalez


Wow, this book was intense!! I must say I was hooked in the first chapter and I finished it in one day.

Emma comes from a tortured past. She has a skewed view on love. After learning about her past, it’s easy to see why. At the beginning of the story I thought she and Max would be perfect for each other. He is the guy friend every girl wishes they had, you know hot, straight and totally in love with you. But once Emma reconnects with her long-lost boyfriend Dominic everything changes. He is rock star on the rise, he says and DOES everything every girl wants!! Seriously, hot stuff.
As their story moves on, they struggle to find a balance for their untraditional long distance relationship. For me, Emma is rather confusing when it comes to her decision-making skills. Just when I thought she loved Dom more than anything, her smoking hot boss Gabe would make her forget she was a taken women.
The story was an emotional roller coaster that I didn’t want to get off of. I laughed, cried and wanted to wring Emma’s neck.
The story was very well written, I love connecting with characters & S.L. Gonzales is a great storyteller. That said, there are a ton of grammatical errors. I would have given more stars, but that many errors is just lame.
But still, I can NOT wait for the next book. I really can’t wait to see how Emma will overcome her grief.



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