Sweet Perdition By Cynthia Rayne & Sara Rayne


So this story is so very enjoyable even if it was a little on the shorter side.

I love a good MC book, and Sweet Perdition was by no means a let down.
The story starts off with a brokenhearted Elizabeth (Pinky). She just was part of her best friends wedding, and the groom just happen to be her ex. The only ex she ever had.
So after surviving the wedding from hell, she needed a drink and needed one fast, so she stopped at the first bar she came across. Her drinking needs landed her at the bar Perdition, a bad ass biker bar. She knew of the bad reputation and went anyway. She had just had that bad of a day. While there in her wedding clothes, Ryker one of the bikers liked what he saw in the teary eyed beauty sitting all by herself.
Elizabeth, the beautiful quiet Liberian plays hard to get, and Ryker wants more of her after just one conversation.
As soon as they both give into their attraction to other the book takes off. The story will latch on to you and you won’t be able to put it down.

Ryker and Pinky jump into this relationship a bit fast and have to learn the way of each other’s worlds. Their story is sexy and frustrating, but it couldn’t have happened any better. Elizabeth was my kind of girl, she was spunky and audacious. She could hold her own around the rough biker crowd. She was just plain awesome, I would totally want to be her friend. And Ryker, well he was just amazing. Hot and sexy and knew just want to say.
This story went by very fast. But the author did a great job of explaining who everyone was. I am very excited about the three other books in the series. Ryker & Pinky are a sweet pair that seem to be the perfect match. I can envision really good things happening in this series. I just hope the next book goes into more detail about Rykers Dad. Also more with his mom, Eddie. I guess we will just have to hold on and enjoy the ride.



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