Crane by Stacey Rourke


Stacey Rourke is a genius. This was a fun new age twist to a classic tale.

Ireland Crane moves to a new town in hopes of forgetting a terrible breakup and making a fresh start in Sleepy Hollow. Once there she quickly finds a job as the local high school guidance counselor. Soon Ireland discovers the small town of Sleepy Hollow is not as quiet and charming at it seems. The first day she arrives there is a gruesome murder that has the whole town talking of ghost stories and fables that Ireland just can’t seem to believe. The murder however has a direct link to Ireland, she can’t begin to understand how or why.
Ireland is head strong on making this creepy little town her new start on life, so ignoring all the warning signs she tries to understand what all the locals are living in fear of. Strange things continue to happen to Ireland & soon after the murder, Ireland is living with Rip. Rip is a man of the past that has been asleep for decades in her basement. Yes, you read that right….asleep for decades. Rip Van Winkle was Ichabod Cranes best friend. THE Ichabod Crane! You know, the headless dude that rides around on a horse killing people? Yea, that’s the guy. So Rip helps Ireland understand what is going on. Soon Ireland discovers that she is the descendant of the murderer himself. Only Ireland is not at all prepared for her fate in this story.
To say anymore of the story would be an injustice to the reader, just take my word for it. You will indeed like how this story will end. You will be transported back to times of old, and love every minute of it.
This story will grab your attention from page one and won’t stop. I completely love how the author was able to transport the reader from the past to the present so easily. Not to mention it will have you laughing out loud at Irelands quick wit. It takes a childhood story that we all know and love and gives it a modern twist that will have you questioning your next tattoo choice…



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