Let Love In by Melissa Collins


The life of Madeleine Becker has been filled with tragedy!

She lost her parents when she was ten, then shipped off to live with her only living relative. Her aunt is in her later years of life and really doesn’t know what to do with Maddy! At her first day of school she meets Melanie Crane, her new best friend who talks her ear off that first day. Due to the death of her late aunt Maddy soon moves in with Mel and Momma C.After graduation she goes off to College with Mel. There she meets the mysterious Reid Connelly!

Right away Maddy is very drawn to Reid but can tell there is pain in his eyes and wants to know why and how she can take away the pain as well as heal her own heart ache.
I love this book and it sucked me in immediately to where I need to know what happens with Reid and Maddy to the point of being sleep deprived!!!


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