The Virgin Romance Novelist by Meghan Quinn


This book is the wonderfully hilarious story of Rosie Bloom.  Rosie and her two best friends/roommates have recently graduated from college, and all three are working at their new jobs. Rosie is currently a writer at a cat magazine. She is not exactly thrilled to be working around the moody felines that take up her office, but she must to do what she can to pay the bills. She and her two roommates & best friends from college Delaney and Henry are living the good life post-graduation in New York City. Rosie’s dream is to be a romance novelist. She is working on her first novel in her spare time away from the cats. Unfortunately she is having a hard time getting her book written about romance when

she has no personal experience of her own. See, Rosie has yet to lose her V-Card. She has no idea what to even write when it comes to sex. The hilarity of the words that she chooses to describe certain parts of the female & male body will have you laughing out loud.  One day while trying to write a steamy scene in her book Henry reads what she is writing. Henry is blown away by the words Rosie is using while describing the sex scene.  Rosie is so cute and innocent, but she is absolutely clueless. Henry and Delaney decide that it is time to get Rosie to step out of her box, to get out in the big city and date a few guys and get some experience under her belt.

While Rosie is hesitant to leave the apartment and put herself out there, she is surprised to find that she has no problem at all attracting the opposite sex. You see, poor Rosie is what we like to call socially awkward. While she is out experiencing the dating world, she most definitely is getting great (hilarious) material for her book. She just can’t seem to find the right guy who can handle her. You will not want to put this book down after you start it. Rosie is so funny, and the things that she says and thinks will have you in stitches. She is just a normal girl who has no idea what to expect from the opposite sex. We have all been there, so it is so easy to put yourself in Rosie shoes. I felt myself cringing, crying and laughing out loud all on the same page.

This was the first book that I have read by Meghan Quinn, and I can honestly say it will NOT be the last. Her writing style was fresh and her wit kept me on my toes. I can’t wait to read more about Rosie Bloom, I really hope her story has more to come.



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