Moving Forward by Emily R. Pearson


Okay, I seriously need about a week to recover from this emotional roller-coaster. This book is drama with a capitol D from page one.

Ava, the main character has had a tough life. She has gone through things that no one ever should be put through. So, needless to say Ava is a wreck. The book starts off with Ava and her best friend/roommate Carissa living in Florida working at a shop they own together. It is clear from the start something bad is on the horizon.

Ava & Carissa decide it’s time for some much needed fun, so they go out so they can find it. While out, Ava meets Seth. Seth is a lawyer, sweet, cute & pretty much perfect. Ava and Seth fall for each other fast and hard. Their relationship is sweet and romantic. I personally think their romance happened really fast and I was a little confused with how fast they connected. However I really liked Seth, he seemed perfect. Their good times did not last long. Trouble was ready to strike on their first real date.
This is where the drama goes into overdrive for me…

We find out a little more about the kind of evil that Ava has gone through. We know she ran to Florida with her best friend so she can escape her demons.
Well somehow Ava seems to find the closest connection possible to her past.Ava’s past eventually collides with her present and we all learn her horrifying tale. We learn why she is so scared all the time…This is why I gave it a 4 star rating. It was kind of predictable!! The way that everything played out was so easy to see coming.

HOWEVER there is a HUGE cliffhanger at the end that will leave you screaming for more.


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