The Lost Centurion (The Immortals book 1) by Monica La Porta

Whoa! I am not the biggest fan of vampire novels. But this book was amazing!!!

It took me a few days to finish it, only because I had a crazy schedule this week. However I found myself thinking about this story a lot while I wasn’t reading. It was beautifully told, and one of the best things about it is the way you feel like you are in Rome with Marcus. I loved all the Roman history throughout the book.

The story starts off with a broken Centurion, who has spent the last two thousand years looking for his wife’s murderer. He is a not the happiest of guys, he just can’t seem to catch the one man he so desperately wants to find.

One evening his friend Virgil calls and ask him to meet him in a park. Little did Marcus know that he would witness Virgil & a frail looking girl in the middle of a vampire attack. Marcus sprung into action to help out his friend, but he was too late. Virgil was dying, before he died he asked Marcus to care for Diane.

Diane looked close to death herself but Marcus picked her up and took her to his house. While caring for her get he discovers she is a vampling, a baby vampire who needs lots of care….and blood. Days pass and the only blood the centurion will give her is his, he doesn’t want to draw more attention by bringing in someone so she can feed.

His blood creates a bond between the two and the two slowly start liking the others company.

Little does Marcus know the head vampire Claudius, did not want Virgil to change Diane, so he is Looking for Diane so he can kill her. Once words gets to Marcus, he and Diane leave town as soon as night falls.

They find save haven in a friends beach front home. The two become even closer and discover they might love each other. As soon as their love comes to surface, Claudius finds them and kidnaps Diane.

Marcus must realize that his love for Diane is much stronger than his love for his dead wife it’s almost too late.

We find out that Claudius and Marcus have a past of their own, and then everything changes. Claudius knows how much Marcus cares for Diane and uses it for his advantage.

To find out the end you just have to read it. You won’t be sorry. This book will have you captivated from the first chapter! It was so good, I’m hoping there is more to come.  Amazing read.



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