Red Hill by Jamie McGuire


Holy smokes!! This was by far, the best book I have read all year! Jamie McGuire is now in my opinion, one of the best authors of her time.
Scarlet, Nathan, his daughter Zoe, Miranda, Ashley, Bryce, Coop & Joey are all living in shock trying to find a way to survive and get in contact with their loved ones after the world has gone mad.

The story starts off with the amazing Scarlet. She is a single mom who stops at nothing to be with her kids. She is one tough cookie who every mother hopes to be like. The struggles that she is forced to face are amazing and had me in tears throughout the story.
The great thing about this book is the amazing way Jamie tells the story. She does it so well explaining each of their situations in their own way. You really feel like you are in the car with Miranda and Ashley when they are trying desperately to get to their fathers ranch on Red Hill.
Red Hill is in the middle of no where, and is the perfect place to stay safe when the world around them was falling apart. Scarlet was a housekeeper who cleaned her way through school, and one of the houses she cleaned was on Red Hill Ranch. She too thought it would be the perfect location for her and her family.

Along the way everyone finds other survivors who after a long, terrifying sad journey most make it to Red Hill. The knowledge that everyone has loved ones out in the world somewhere with no way to communicate is too much for some on the ranch to handle. So the solution they come up with? Killing “Teds”. Not safe. Not smart.

Red Hill was so emotional I found my self crying out loud and gasping when I didn’t see something coming. This story was told so well I could actually feel how hot they were in the summer, and scared they were when the light went out. It was sad and sweet. I can’t wait to read it again and see the parts I missed the first time.

I know one thing after reading this, I may never get the flu shot again….



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