Fishers Light by Tara Sivec


This book is so amazing!! It captured my attention from page one, and never let go. I honestly could not put it down.

Fisher and Lucy have one of the most heartbreaking and romantic stories that I have ever read.

The story takes place on Fishers Island, a place I want to move to immediately! A small island that is the beautiful setting of the love story between Fisher and Lucy. Two kids who meet as children and fall in love as teenagers under their lighthouse.  Lucy and Fisher had many curve balls thrown their way in their relationship but somehow always found their way back to the other. They married young and eventually grow up to have to face one of the most difficult issues that young families go through everyday in our country.

Fisher was a Marine who fought hard for his country and brought home the physical and emotional scars that came with the war.  After 5 tours of duty he is finally home for good, and his life falls apart after his PTSD causes him to push away everything that mattered, mostly breaking his Lucy’s heart.

After her life falls apart and Lucy finds herself all alone she managed to pick up the pieces of her broken heart and get to work running her Inn on the island. An inn that was running on its last legs and on the verge of foreclosure. But her inn has been in her family for years, so Lucy refuses to give it up. With the help of a sweet old man, Lucy is able to stay a float for the past year on her own.

But Fisher is ready to come home after a year away getting help, and is surprised to find his Lucy has changed just as much as he has. If Fisher plans to win back the heart of the only women he’s ever loved, he has his work cut out for him.

Tara Sivec did such an amazing job of story telling. I feel like I was walking down Main Street, or sitting outside in the sun at Ruby’s Fudge Shop listening to the waves. I was swept away in the story telling. It was amazing. I really really hope we get more of this small island town in the future from Mrs. Sivec, because I WANT MORE.

Bravo Tara! 🙂



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